Exclusive Interview With Trinity St Clair


We had the pleasure recently to sit down with the stunning Trinity St Clair and ask her a few questions.

Some Quick Facts About Trinity St Clair

Stage Name(s): trinity St Clair

Age:  21

DOB: 2/3/90

Measurements: 32a 23 25

Hometown: Redding, CA (NOR CAL)

Quick Questions with Trinity St Clair

Do you have any pets?

Trinity St Clair: Yes a cat named lulu

What’s on your current playlist?

Trinity St Clair: LMFO, Foster the People and adele

Favourite movie of all time?

Trinity St Clair: Breakfast at Tiffanys

Favourite vacation spot?

Trinity St Clair: Anywhere WARM

What’s your favourite place in the world?

Trinity St Clair: Somewhere where I have no stress

3 things that are typical about you?

Trinity St Clair: I drink coke zero too much, I get up early and am never late

What’s your favourite pastime?

Trinity St Clair: Dancing or watching movies

Are you a party girl or do you just prefer to kick back?

Trinity St Clair: Laid back girl

Turn Ons and Turn Offs?

Trinity St Clair: I’m turned on by passion and intimacy, turned off by smokers and egotistic guys

Do you ever get recognized while you are out living your regular life?

Trinity St Clair: Yes and its amusing

What’s your favourite part of your own body?

Trinity St Clair: My smile and eyes

What’s good sex to you?

Trinity St Clair: Good sex is where I smile throughout, feel I got fucked good and actually cum… add in anal and its golden

What does a guy have to do to get in your pants?

Trinity St Clair: Buy me a drink show me a test and lets go LOL

What’s the weirdest place you ever had sex?

Trinity St Clair: Back row at movie theater

Tell us about your craziest sexual experience?

Trinity St Clair: Having a dick inside me the size of my arm and than some

Do you like sex toys, if so what’s your favourite toy?

Trinity St Clair: LOVE them, anything with vibration. Im a stimulate kinda girl

Do you fuck on the first date?

Trinity St Clair: No

How did you lose your virginity?

Trinity St Clair: Classic way with highschool sweetheart

What’s your preferred pubic style?

Trinity St Clair: Waxed/bare

What’s your sexual preference in private – men, women or both?

Trinity St Clair: Bisexual

Have you ever dated someone off the internet?

Trinity St Clair: No

Do you like to watch porn yourself and if so what’s your favourite niche?

Trinity St Clair: I just started and so far I’m a romance buff when I feel anticipation arising is what I like

When and how did you decide to work in the adult business?

Trinity St Clair: A year ago and it just kinda crossed my path and I took it

Tell us about your first scene, were you nervous?

Trinity St Clair: More nervous than anything, it was an anal scene and I had no idea what to expect

Does your family know what you do? and if yes do they support your decision to work in adult?

Trinity St Clair: My family knew prior to my first scene and yes they support me as do my friends

To date who was the best sexual partner you ever had?

Trinity St Clair: Dane Cross and Eric Swiss

What was the weirdest request you had to do on set? and did you do it?

Trinity St Clair: Fuck a guy who was not my husband  while he did oral with the other guy. No I didnt, I dont work with gay talent

Do you have real orgasms when shooting a scene?

Trinity St Clair: Yes

What’s the best scene you ever did according to you?

Trinity St Clair: Blacksonblondes

Do you enjoy watching your own scenes?

Trinity St Clair: Yes I am a hardcore critic

Do you have any unexplored sexual fantasies, if so can you tell us about it?

Trinity St Clair: Yes I want to fuck in the water and do a DP

What’s the best thing about working in the adult business?

Trinity St Clair: I am only 21 and extremely comfortable with my body and very accepting of being naked and love who I am

Where do you see yourself 5, 10 or even 15 years from now? Any outside ambitions or do you still want to be involved in this business somehow, someway?

Trinity St Clair: I want to start my own production and website

Can you share a deep dark secret for all the fans?

Trinity St Clair: A secret is a secret

Want to say something to all your fans and the readers of our blog?

Trinity St Clair: Trinity St Clair is the ultimate spinner who is going to spin her way into the adult industry like a tornado

Any Regrets?

Trinity St Clair: Absolutely not!

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